2017: Leftfield, Motion Graphics.
 2016: Phenomena – Kickstarter campaign , Campaign creator & Creative Director.

2014-16: Rump-Recordings, Graphic Design.

2015: SF Landsmøde, Visuals and execution.

2014 - april: Viljens Triumf by Fix & Foxy, Camera operator & Set-hand.

2014: Alverden Godnat by Figura Opera Ensemble, execution.

2014: Obscura-Vertigo, internship.
– Alverden godnat, Figura Ensemble. Visuals & execution.
– Kube. Identity, production & visuals.
– Churchill #30. Identity, production & visuals.
– DR, PhD Cup. Visuals & production.
– Københavns Stormoské, opening. Visuals.
– Distortion, RBMA Stage, final party. Production & visuals.
– Roskilde Festival, Gloria Stage. Production & visuals.

2011-2015: Photocare Kolding, Digital Restoration -print and social media account manager.

2009: Charlie & the Chocolate Factory by Teatergruppen Fidus. Graphic Design, Set-design.

2008: Sales assistant, Skoringen Sønderborg.


I’m a Digital Creative with a love for concept development and theatrics. I’m known for my creativity, engagement in team-work, post-it posting and have been blessed with a sub-par sense of humor and a dumpling addiction.

Also fully devoted to all things related to the development, production and conceptualization of great experiences – not limited to object, media or space.

I am fluent in Danish, English and Adobe, and very well versed in 3D animation and printing. I like to prototype and enjoy falling over on purpose, to get back up again.


2013 - 2015: Cand. Design in Communication Design. Designskolen Kolding.

2010 - 2013: B.Des. in Visual communication & Product Design. Designskolen Kolding.

2010, January - June: Internship at Lars Fuhr & Nyborg Art Faculty.

2009, February: Internship at Ingrid Hora and a following internship at Johanna Domke.

2008 - 2009: Classic art, Croquis & modelsketching with Adam Gabriel.

2008 - 2009: BGK Sønderjyllands Kunstskole.

2004 - 2006: HF Sønderborg Statsskole.

2002 - 2004: Kongeådalens Efterskole. - media techniques. - theatre sports.